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Real Wedding || Ruth + Miles

You know those people that light up a room when they walk in? That's Ruth. She just has this warmth and radiance about her - like you've known her forever which evidently she said the same thing about meeting Wendy! It was a match made in heaven. Much similar to her and Miles love story. A meeting amongst a mutual friend set off their journey, they had a few hilarious mishaps along the way - note the proposal and wedding day, but all in the couples stride, this wedding exudes relaxed luxe!

The Meet Cute

I had crashed my best friends work drinks at the aptly named Heartbreak Hotel in Brisbane, which has since shut down. Jess had introduced me to her colleagues, one of which being Miles, who had just started at the company. The group had decided to turn drinks into dinner and Miles decided to stay on with our group to meet up with the others later. I remember vividly asking Jess why she hadn’t told me she had such cute workmates! One thing led to another and we added each other on Facebook, talked non-stop for three days before going on our first date… then the rest is history!

The Proposal

We are non-traditionalists; so we decided to propose to each other. We picked a date between our birthdays (14 October 2017) and returned to the Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat – the venue where we had celebrated our first anniversary.

It rained practically the whole time we were there, so when the clouds appeared to clear, we decided to go for a hike, ending with a picnic in the orchard. But just over a quarter of the way into the hike.... it started to pour. I was dramatically convinced I was going to die because it was so rainy and slippery (and steep), but Miles held my hand and safely guided me back down the path and through a swollen creek, over (or slipped under in my case) fallen logs back to our cabin – covered in wet sloppy red mud, scratched and ft. leeches.

After we got cleaned up, I joined Miles on the couch for an alternative indoor picnic. He popped the question as soon as I sat down! I wasn’t ready; I said “yes, but - wait, wait, wait” as I rushed into the bedroom to collect a surprise watch for Miles and asked him in return (his actual engagement ring hadn’t arrived so he didn’t know I had an alternate watch to match, the ring is now his wedding band).

The Dress

I was visiting the store for the second time to look and retry a dress I had thought was the one. Then, while I was sitting waiting for my session to start, I spotted the beautiful fabric on the Bianca hanging on the rack – It had just been designed. My bridal party was a bit sceptical, as was I, at first but when I put it on it just felt right, the design, the fabric, the colour – just everything. The fabric isn’t traditional and that’s what I absolutely love about it & the cut of the dress was timeless.

At my first fitting I wanted to tweak it a little, I just wanted the top a little different to its original design and Wendy delivered well above what I had expected.

My amazing maid of honour had got my butt into gear. I was so confused as to what shape, colour, fabric and shop to even start – I had vision confusion, I wanted it all. She booked me in and took me to Wendy Makin. When we walked in we were greeted by the beautiful Prue, she was so friendly and lovely but ultimately honest! It was the service that I had received that made me choose Wendy. Even Wendy herself while my dress was being made was like sitting at a table with someone you’ve known forever and nothing was impossible. She and her team make the time to get to know you, the gowns are impeccable, made to measure and that is what made me choose Wendy.

The Venue

We had the ceremony and reception at Blackbird Bar and Restaurant in the Heritage Room. The preparedness and coordination of the team there is commendable. No request seemed too out there. They transformed the venue from ceremony to reception in two hours (with some tiny little niece and nephew helping hands). The food was first class and the event coordinator Tahlia brought our vision to life on the day.

A low key, intimate dinner with our closest family and friends. We had an acoustic artist on the night, Alexander Mills, we asked for classic pub songs that you can sing along to and boy did he deliver. Our glasses were never empty, our tummies were full, our ears were happy and we were all having the absolute best time enjoying each other’s company.

The Wedding

We wanted something that was a reflection of us, nothing too traditional, and it wasn’t anything over the top by any means. We wanted to keep everything as simple as possible with a classic vibe. I am the creative one in the relationship so I did as much DIY as I could and Miles is more technical based so he built our wedding website from scratch (and it was themed to match my DIY – he did good!) We each had little bits that we added a little bit of our strengths to... and outsourced the harder things hahaha.

My bridesmaid's (sisters) dress broke! My sister lived in China while we were wedding planning so we took a big risk and bought a dress in her size and hoped for the best. Well, she arrived ( a week beforehand) and she tried it on a few times before the day… So we thought we were all set. The ceremony was due to start at 3pm and the photographer due back to our group at 2pm to take some final photos of my group getting ready. So we started putting on our dresses at 2pm – I stood in the lounge of our apartment waiting for the bridesmaids to come out and zip me into my dress. After about 15 minutes I had asked our photographer, James, if it usually takes this long... he had no idea. I went into the room and was greeted my sister clutching her dress and maid of honour meeting me with ‘don’t panic, we have this under control.’ Almost the entire zip of my sister’s dress had stuck and had come off the dress completely, they were in there trying to figure out how to fix it without telling me…We fixed it( she was sewn into it) with 20 minutes until we were meant to be at the venue! They say it take a tribe and it did - I was sewing, Abbie was cinching the dress, Jess was on the phone to the celebrant and the photographer was trying to convince me it was ok to be late to get more photos – I try to never be late!

…We were late – we went and got a few photos to relax a little before walking down the aisle.

The Favourite Part

The ceremony, particularly the moment we signed the documents – we had a slower cover version of Alicia Keys No One playing and we had signed and our witnesses were signing and we looked at each other, a little hand squeeze and for a split second it felt like no one else was in the room. The room just oozed of love and happiness… at least that’s what I felt. Our celebrant, Carly Slade, presented the most beautiful ceremony that was so very us.

The Advice

- It is fundamentally your day and you shouldn’t let the thoughts and feelings of others get to you, be kind to them and yourself.

-Don’t be scared of DIY, I was at first – I made my own bouquet and boutonnieres and I loved it, I even had the best man helping me and I think he enjoyed the moment too.

-Seek out the strengths of your circle, lessons learnt, cake bakers, florists, family and tech savvy people to help.

- Get an emergency sewing kit! You’ll need it. HAH!

The Feeling

Wired! It was a day just so full of emotion and fun. I would 110% do it all over again – in the same dress!


Dress: Custom 'Bianca' by Wendy Makin

Venue: Blackbird Bar and Restaurant, Brisbane

Photographer: James Thorne Photography

Celebrant: Carly Slade Marriage Celebrant

Check out Ruth + Miles wedding video below:

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