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Real Wedding || Bruna + Caio

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Anyone who knows us well will know we love ourselves a destination wedding! Partially because we'd love to sneak ourselves into luggage to attend, but also to explore different venues, scenery, traditions and customs. Bruna + Caio's Brazilian wedding is a visually incredible day with plenty of earthy tones, rustic vibes and plenty of raw, natural emotions which is the perfect combination for a memorable wedding day.

The Meet Cute

"We met at church, I was a facilitator in a young adults small group and he joined. We were both going through a difficult season in our lives, but after that we started talking and I remember deciding I wanted to be with him even though I didn’t love him yet. We went out just once before the first kiss and stayed together for almost four years before getting married"

The Proposal

Caio had an unusual choice in proposal destinations and timing "He proposed on one of those escape rooms two months before the wedding. I know, I know, he’s very unpredictable and people usually don’t understand it but in Brazil a lot of couples start to plan their weddings before the engagement because it takes a long time to find vendors with available dates."

On the reasons why he chose an escape room? "...It was the most amazing idea, because I absolutely love games and I’m pretty competitive so it was the only way I would be distracted enough so I wouldn't find out about the surprise. He invited 8 of our friends to go with us and we had an hour to discover all the enigmas and get out of the room. When I was trying to solve the last riddle the “treasure” came up with a letter that said: Look to the one that loves you the most. And when I looked at him, he got down on one knee and opened the ring box asking me to marry him. Everyone was screaming and shouting Hallellujah (because he took a long time to propose) before I could even say yes, but eventually I did and there was even more screaming."

The Dress

It took Bruna 10 stores and 100 dresses to find Roxanne-S from our French Collection! "I knew I wanted a lace long sleeved dress, with an open back but I couldn't find it anywhere, believe me, not that many designers make them" Special mention to Bruna's friend Briza for accompanying her to each and every appointment "She is a really good friend, since my family was in Brazil at the time, she insisted in coming with me to every single store, taking videos and pictures so my mom could be a part of the process even

though she was far away"

We loved Bruna's honesty in why she chose Wendy Makin and Roxanne-S? "You probably won’t like this part, but I’m all about being honest so here we go. You know that "this is the one" feeling that every bride feels about their dress? I never felt it. I chose the dress because it had everything I wanted and as I tried it on again and again I would fall more in love with it. Today I look at my wedding pictures and I can say 'this is the one'. I love it so much that I chose not to have any headpieces and wear small earrings so the attention could be exclusively on the dress." We think its great to be open that not everyone has the Hollywood movie moment when they try on the gown for them, but its fair to say we think Roxanne was the perfect choice!

The Venue

The ceremony and reception took place in a venue in Brazil called Château du Plas, inspired by the architecture from the Tuscan region in Italy. "The big house was built to be a winery but the soil wasn’t good enough to grow the grapes so the owners decided to make it a wedding venue."

The Day

The wedding itself reflected Bruna + Caio in every way imaginable. "We were very careful choosing the traditions we would follow and choosing the vendors that would turn into reality the ideas we had in mind. Every detail about our wedding has a meaning that can relate to our relationship and that's why we chose a big house to get married, we consider each other home, so we wanted our guests to feel at home as we were inviting them to celebrate our love."

The day wasn't without its funny moments either "Caio bought his attire very last minute and he sent the pants to get tailored because they were too long, but never tried the pants on again. When he was getting ready on the wedding day, he pulled the socks up too high and when he put the pants on they got stuck because of both pants and socks's fabric and when he looked down the pants were too short making him panic for a second until he realised he just needed to put the socks down and the pants would follow."

"Another one was that when I tried to put the ring on him during the ceremony I had a really hard time...I made it at the end!"

Bruna's favourite part of the day was the party! "I really love to dance and at the party I could relax and just enjoy time with Caio, family and friends without worrying about anything else."

At the end of the day it was 'Mission accomplished'! "We planned the wedding that would happen in Brazil from Australia, where we've been living for the past 3 years. And it was insane, it took us almost a year, but not just seeing but living the dream coming true was very rewarding. people from more than 5 different countries came to see us commit to being home to one another for the rest of our lives and even though it was a cloudy and rainy day, it was wonderful and memorable for us and everyone around us."

Vendor List

Rings @tonimay

Engagement ring @joiaslie

Event planning @todadebranco

Hair and makeup @henrique.gibo

Invitation suites @charlartscript

Cake and sweets @bombalaio

Catering @carlosteperman

Floral design @annalberti

DJ @alanruggi

Photography @coletivo3

Favors @linamellao

Venue @chateauduplas

Rentals @marcialocacoes

Website @casarpontocom

Lighting and sound @gpsomeluz

Dress @wendymakinbridal @french_bywendymakin

Bridesmaids apparel @thegownhouseaustralia

Videography @pedrochiovittifilmes

Live music @guibateras

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