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Real Wedding // Sally + Matt

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These two are just the cutest. Anyone who’s been Brisbane knows the institution that is Fridays on Eagle Street Pier. Its a right of passage! It just happens to be the place Sally + Matt met whilst at university out with group of friends. A move to Canberra and a home later, their Maleny Manor wedding on the Sunshine Coast was nothing short of magical.

The Proposal

We bought our first house in Canberra about 1 year ago. On the settlement day, I had been very anxious and excited about getting the keys and seeing the house after work. In the meantime, Matt had been making arrangements with the real estate agent to set up a surprise proposal inside the empty house. Matt was a little nervous, however I assumed it was “new house excitement.” I unlocked the door, walked down the hallway and got the biggest surprise of my life! It was perfect – private and personal.

Finding the Dress

A friend had suggested Wendy Makin so I booked an appointment in the first week of January. Funnily enough, I found out on arrival that there was an error with the booking system and the boutique wasn’t supposed to be open for the new-year yet! However Wendy opening just for me and I was so very grateful! I warmed to her immediately, her expertise and knowledge was like no other – she really listens and is so patient.. I knew I wanted sleeves and a flowing skirt, but not much more than that! She went away and came back with a sketch and it was lovely! As it was my very first appointment, I returned home to Canberra and tried on many dresses but couldn’t get Wendy’s sketch out of my mind. I returned to Brisbane a few weeks later and we finalized the design – just perfect!

Why I Chose Wendy Makin 

My experience with Wendy Makin was like no other – I love that the dresses were made onsite by local people and that all elements could be altered and personalised. The quality and Wendy’s experience in the wedding dress industry was also a huge factor.

As I wasn’t in Brisbane for most of the process, everyone I had contact with at Wendy Makin made it so easy for me and were always so kind and knowledgeable. Marion was fabulous for all the fittings – so friendly and was frank when I asked for her advice (which many people might not like, but I begged her to tell me what she thought and genuinely appreciated it!). The last week of fittings was also so amazing! Naturally, I had felt nervous leading up but was blown away with how perfect the final dress looked and how it fit me like a glove! It was such an amazing process to see it all come together and the dress was even better than I visualised. I received so many compliments – many said it was 100% me and so unique. What more could a bride ask for!

The Venue

The wedding and reception was at Maleny Manor in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. This venue is absolutely breathtaking and features a purpose built ceremony pavilion with stunning views out to the ocean.

Special Moments

We both chose to write our own surprise vows which were really personal and lovely. To hear your soon to be husband verbalise his love in front of all our family and friends is like no other!

My three younger sisters were my bridesmaids and had one massive surprise for us at the reception. Completely unbeknown to me, my father had spent weeks restoring an old puppet theatre which was built many years ago by my late grandfather. I had been particularly fond of this theatre and it featured very vividly in my childhood memories. To my absolute surprise, my sisters had crafted a new set of puppets and then performed a show depicting our lives including how we met and a few embarrassing tales. It was so amazing to see a forgotten part of my childhood and wonderful memories of my grandfather feature on our wedding day. I also don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my life!

My Favourite Part

Aside from seeing my husband waiting for me at the end of the aisle and hearing his sweet vows – it was also a day of happiness and celebration which brought our family and friends together. I had planned a surprise for my dad during our father daughter dance – our DJ had arranged to have audio of me speaking about my father woven into the song. I couldn’t wait to see my Dad’s reaction – however to my surprise the DJ had arranged for my Dad to do the same thing and his words of wisdom featured throughout the song too. The tears flowed but it will always be one of my favourite memories from the day.

How did you feel at the end of the day?

We felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Everything went so smoothly and we were both so relaxed so could truly soak in the day.  I don’t think I have ever felt so happy, confident and content. It was a magical day!

Vendor List

Venue: Maleny Manor

Photographer: Ephemeral Creative

Videographer: The Four Elements Videography

Flowers: Mondo Floral Designs

Cake: Elizabeth & May

Hair: Evalyn Parsons Hair

Makeup: Pru Edwards

Bridesmaids Dresses: Hayley Paige via Bridesmaids Only

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