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How to || The wedding dress guide for enhancing your body type

So you are just starting the dress hunt and haven’t come in for a consultation yet, and you’re really unsure as to what style to look for? This post is for you! We are all for enhancing, balancing, accentuating and celebrating our brides figures whatever shape or height! After all a bride who looks feels good in what she is wearing is confident and radiant!

There are five main body types (with variations) that most people fall under.

These are apple, inverted triangle pear, hourglass and rectangle. Apple bodies generally are rounded with slim legs and arms, inverted triangles are broader in the shoulders with narrow hips, pear bodies have slim shoulders and wider hips, hourglass bodies are curvy with a slim waist, and rectangle bodies which is also an athletic build tend to be evenly measured between bust waist and hip giving a straighter shape. So how do you accentuate your body type so you are loving yourself sick on your wedding day? Let us show you!


An apple or rounded shape body types' best assets are slim arms and shoulders. So to use accentuate the shape we need to draw attention to the decolletage and arms. This can be done with v-necks and strapless necklines that draw the eye upward, long sleeves to highlight the arms and a line skirts that skim through the mid section. Look for gowns with the same fabrics or textures throughout the gown to elongate the body.


The trick to dressing for a pear shape is balancing the hips by accentuating your shoulder and bust lines. Keep attention to your upper body, by broadening the shoulders with v necks & boat necklines and cap sleeves - this creates an illusion of an hourglass figure and placing an emphasis on the waist. The same goes with wearing a plunging necklines and a smaller bust!

Once you have established the balance, the sky is the limit on skirts, tapered fishtails, A-line or flowing. Another great shape is the traditional ball gown being cinched at the waist and be free under the full skirt (seriously brideys your legs are so free they are having their own party under there!)


You have admirable curves, so embrace them! Use your waist as the focal point when dressing as it is the biggest point of emphasis. Slim, body contouring dresses that follow your natural curve are the ultimate look for an hourglass shapes. Top it off with accents such as a tailored belt to add that extra cinch in to highlight the waist. Whilst not an avoid at all costs, sheath and more shapeless styles can tend to over emphasise the bust leading to a more boxy look. Enhance what your mama gave you in soft v-necks, low v backs, fish tails and ballgowns. Anything that defines that gorgeous waist of yours!


With this body type, you may have a straighter profile with less curves. It can also be referred to as an athletic build or "boyish" profile. Your aim is to wear clothes that flatter your thin profile whether that is a more sheath floaty silhouette that sits away from the body or by breaking up your silhouette by creating curves that move up and down from the waist area. Fitted boatneck gowns with a tapered skirt a great as they exaggerate curves whilst keeping your slender frame. Curved panels in straighter styles with lace cut outs also work perfectly for this as they give the illusion of shape. Alternatively look for 3D textures and embellishments such as ruffles and frills to add volume whilst softening and adding femininity to your figure. For instance, a dress with texture and embellishment over the bust will add volume and accentuate the area.

Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle shape would be defined as broader in the shoulders and tapering to a narrow hip line and slender legs. To enhance this shape focus on narrowing the shoulders with racer necklines or halter styles that close off the space. V necks and boat necks can tend to widen your shoulders further. To emphasise your tiny waist and hips and show them off consider wearing bridal separates that show a peek of mid section or going for straighter style skirts that balance your top half.

We hope this helps! Comment below, and don’t forget to tag us in your beautiful wedding photos @wendymakinbridal!

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