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How To // What you need to know about choosing a wedding ring

Guest Blog - Diamondport

When you begin planning your wedding, you quickly realise just how much there is to organise. From the venue, to the photographer, your wedding dress and even what food you’ll serve your guests - there are a lot of decisions you have to make.

One of the decisions you don’t want to leave to the last minute is your wedding rings. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life. So it’s definitely something you want to spend time choosing.

When deciding on a wedding ring, there are a few things to take into account to find something that reflects your love for each other and your own personal style. Here Ashley Portas from Diamondport Brisbane shares a few of his tips.

Do our rings need to match?

The tradition of both couples wearing matching wedding rings comes from the idea that you are now part of a single unit with shared values. However, we believe while a wedding ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other, it should also reflect your individuality and personal taste.

You’ll be wearing your ring every day, so it’s important you love it - whether it’s part of a matched set or not.

However, if tradition is important to you, rather than trying to find perfectly matching rings, you could look at incorporating a similar element. This might mean the same metal in different styles in; the same style in different metals; or adding a particular stone, mark or engraving as a symbol of your unity.

Should my wedding ring fit my engagement ring?

We’re always being asked about whether it matters if there is a gap between your wedding ring and engagement ring, or if the two should sit snugly together.

The short answer is, it doesn’t matter. Some engagement ring designs won’t allow the wedding ring to sit flush and it’s perfectly okay if there is a small gap.

However, if you do want your engagement and wedding rings to fit together, then chat with your ring consultant about designing a custom set.

Diamonds halfway or the whole way round?

If your budget allows it, we’d always recommend getting diamonds the full way around the band. Think about it: as you go about your day, your ring is likely to move out of place. The last thing you want is to be spending your time constantly adjusting it so the diamonds face up. Did we already mention that you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day?

Is the ring size the same as my engagement ring?

Your wedding ring may not necessarily be the same ring size as your engagement ring. As you’ll likely be wearing your wedding ring at the base of your finger, the extra thickness can mean your wedding band may need to be sized slightly larger to fit comfortably.

On a similar note, if you’ll be wearing your engagement ring on top of your wedding ring, you may want it to be slightly smaller so it doesn’t risk falling off your finger. The best thing is to get both engagement and wedding rings sized correctly.

How early should we organise the wedding rings?

The wedding rings are definitely not something you should leave to the last minute.

We suggest allowing six months to organise your wedding rings. This will give you plenty of time to choose your rings, make sure they fit perfectly and get any engravings you want done in time.

How do I wear my wedding ring?

The moment in the ceremony where you exchange rings is definitely not the time to figure out how to wear your wedding ring. Knowing beforehand how you will wear your ring will avoid any fumbling on the day.

In Australia, it’s common to wear your wedding ring on your left hand, below your engagement ring. If you’re planning to do this, before the ceremony switch your engagement ring to your right hand so your left ring finger is free for your wedding ring. Then after the ceremony you can move your engagement ring back to sit on your left hand, if you want.

But this custom does vary across cultures. Some women will wear the wedding ring on the left hand and keep the engagement ring on their right hand. And some women will wear the wedding ring on the right hand, with or without an engagement ring.

What’s most important is that you’re happy with how it sits on you.

Ashley Portas is a leading engagement and wedding ring consultant in Brisbane. He started Diamondport to offer high-quality rings, made in Australia by true master craftsmen. Whether you want custom rings or one of their beautiful designs, they’ll help make the most important decision of your life as smooth as possible.

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