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Guest Blog // Dressing the Groom and Groomsmen

Guest Author: Ryan Fisher, Black Jacket Suiting

When dressing a groom and/or grooms party for a wedding, many factors need to be taken into account. From style to colour, fit to shape and quality to budgets all factors will need to align for you to be truly happy in what you are wearing on your big day. With this being said every person will have different opinions, values, tastes and requirements; as suit makers/retailers we are obligated to attempt to cater to all manner of different client desires.

For weddings the overall style and design of the garment and grooms party as a whole are very important factors as well. The brides have the benefit of a clear distinction from all attendees at the wedding of clarity that they are the bride. Equally, it is important to distinguish the groom from this groomsman and also all other guests at the wedding; remember it is his special day too and deserves to stand out. You want the groom to complement the bride and his groomsman to compliment the bridesmaids and if you bring it all together then you have truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to style. Below we dissect the difference between off-the-rack and custom made suiting and which factors are to be weighted depending on what is right for your groom and groomsmen.

Off the Rack

Off the rack suiting means purchasing a product that is pre-made and designed by an established suiting brand name. Simply, it is what you would usually find on the shelves as stock in suiting stores. There are many different brands out there and each have many different variants of styles and cuts.

Suit Fit is the most important aspect of any suit. You should focus on getting the shoulders of the jacket fitting properly as well as the upper thighs of the trousers. Also keep in mind the shapes and sizes of your wedding party. i.e a party of larger set men will not fit into a slim cut off the rack product. When it comes to off-the-rack suiting it is important to remember you are fitting a group usually not just one shape of person. With this being said the best advice is to work first with the person who is the hardest to fit and finding a brand and cut that fits them, then working to fit the other members of the party. Look for brands that offer short, regular and long length options in the same style and fabric suit.

Alterations can be your best friend. Most people don’t realise how much impact small changes a decent tailor can make to a suit to improve the overall look. Suiting is like cutting a piece string; you can always make it shorter/slimmer. Keep in mind if you are hiring a suit that alterations may be limited – this isn’t usually a problem with standard builds but can cause problems with harder to fit body shapes.

Here are some pointers on body shapes which are more difficult to fit off-the rack:

Shorter Guys:

- Find a brand that offers a short fit.

- Hem the trouser with a shorter brake and slim towards the ankle.

- Ensure the shirt sleeves can be seen when the jacket is on and arms are by your side.

Taller Guys:

- Find a brand that offers a long fit.

- Hem the trouser with a longer brake.

- Wear a belt to distinguish the waistline.

- Don’t show too much shirt cuff outside of the jacket sleeve.

Larger Guys

- Look to wear lighter weight fabrics which provide comfort, breathability and better drape.

- Ensure the trousers have enough room in the crotch and thighs. As well as ensuring the trouser is left wider towards the ankle.

- Suspenders can be a great alternative to belts to provide comfort and avoid bunching on the waistband.

Custom Made Suiting

When it comes to your wedding day the importance of attaining the correct fit for your shape has been establish as the paramount factor. The best way to achieve this is with a custom-made suit. Tailor-made options for you wedding, albeit more costly allow you to get exactly what you desire with respect to style, fabric, colour, composition/quality and most importantly fit. A custom-made suit can be for some a once in a life time experience and what better opportunity to have this then on your wedding day.

For some builds it can be difficult to fit off-the-rack and usually require extensive and costly alterations; it can be just as costly to alter a suit as it is to make a custom one. When creating a custom-made suit (regardless of build) a base pattern matched to your physique which is the most important step as this builds the foundation for the overall fit and comfort of the garment. From there the design elements are added to the fabric and the suit is constructed to the specifications requested in the design process. Below is and outline of the Black Jacket Suiting custom-made process.

Some final tips from Black Jacket Suiting when dressing your groom’s party are listed below:

1. Simplicity is the key when thinking about weddings. Trying to hard is easily noticeable, you want to complement outfits not match.

2. Research needs to be done before you think about coming into a suit store.

a. Figure out what looks work with your wedding style and complements your women’s bridal attire.

3. Time is always a valuable asset to have in your back pocket. Be organised and get things locked in early, this will save a lot of unnecessary stress with your attire for you big day.

Multi-Award Winning Men’s Suits, located centrally in Brisbane (Bulimba), Black Jacket Suiting specialises in offering personalised service, expert knowledge and product diversity at affordable prices. With options from Formal to Smart Casual and providing an extensive range of suiting accessories the choices are almost limitless. Hire, Purchase or Tailor Make the team will go above and beyond to attain the right Fit, Style and Price for any occasion.

Prices Range from $99 to $2000.

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