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A Fairytale Wedding: Sleeping Beauty

Styled Shoot

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a beautiful girl was born to the king and queen. Fairies from all over were invited to the celebrations. They brought with them special gifts and blessed the little princess so that she would become a clever, beautiful and kind girl.

Just then an old wicked fairy named Maleficent came to the palace to curse the princess “on your sixteenth birthday you will touch a spindle and you will die” she screamed in anger and vanished.

A young fairy by the name of Merryweather uses her magic to weaken the curse; instead of dying, Aurora will fall into a deep slumber, only broken by true love's kiss. King Stefan orders all the spinning wheels throughout the kingdom to be destroyed. At the fairies' urging, the King and Queen reluctantly allow Aurora to live with the fairies, hidden in a cottage in the forest.

The fairies take Aurora to the castle to await her sixteenth birthday celebrations and be reunited with her parents. Maleficent appears and lures Aurora into a dark tower and tricks her into touching the spindle of a cursed spinning wheel. Aurora pricks her finger, fulfilling the curse only moments before the sun sets. The three fairies place the sleeping Aurora on a bed in the highest tower and cast a powerful spell on everyone in the kingdom, causing them to sleep until the spell on their princess is broken.

After a battle to destroy Maleficent, Prince Phillip, Aurora’s true love, awakens her with a kiss, breaking the spell and waking the kingdom and they live happily ever after.

Fairytale Wedding - Sleeping Beauty

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Location @whitechapelkalbar

Video by @goldlensweddings

Styling by @beautifulweddingsaustralia

Dress Elysee @wendymakinbridal www.frenchbywendymakin.com

Suit by @blackjacketsuiting

Hair/Makeup by @bella_brides

Horse & carriage by @drayhorseshires

Photography by @incmillphotography

Headpiece by @bouquetboutique

Rings by @xennoxdiamonds

Wedding singer @lainebrumby_

Celebrant Gavin Hogan

Groom @_steviemac_official

Bride @tanja_meyer13

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