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10 of Our Favourite Wedding Trends for 2019

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

As the haze of another the Christmas/New Years break lifts, it dawns on most 2019 brides the reality of getting married this year! Thus ensuing a mad frenzy of wedding planning! Whilst there is always trends that come and go, we've rounded up our personal fave top 10 trends for 2019 brides! From venues, to decor, to bridal style, there is something in it for everyone!

Oh Flora

Florals! Florals everywhere! We are going back to nature and florals feature all over. We are talking Arbours, Floral installs, table runners, and big blooming bouquets! And its not just flowers, greenery, branches and dehydrated elements all get a run! Is it too literal to say that Florals are in a purple patch this year?! The key to nailing the trend in 2019 is a less structured approach and go for more natural arrangements

Credits: L - Mallory Sparkles (Arbour Bloodwood Botanica) R- Marina Ridgeway (gowns - Wendy Makin Stefani/Valerie & Valina)

Backyard Affairs

Gone are the days when it was a must to hire out the biggest venue you could find. And while a few years ago the idea of a backyard wedding had the connotation of low key, 2019 sees them turn into lavish and intimate affairs, just from the comfort of your own backyard!

photo credit: Mallory Sparkles, florals: Bloodwood Botanica

The Duchess Effect

It would be remiss of us not to mention a certain Duchess of Sussex. Generally speaking most Royal Weddings spark the next bridal trend and Miss Markle certainly has! Her two wedding looks gave us simple elegance, tailored gowns both traditional and fashion forward and paired back styling. Her reception dress certainly captured our hearts as we have our beloved french collection 'Eva' gown.

L: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. R: Eva, french collection by Wendy Makin

Paired back elegance. Custom Wendy Makin Couture. Credit: Jessica Turich

Holey Matrimony - Doughnut Cakes!

L: Call Me Madame, Bali R: Doughheads, Newcastle

We can't be the only ones with an obsession over doughies! Like cupcakes, cannolis, and macaroons before them Doughnuts are the latest wedding dessert trend, and why not! So much deliciousness! Served up as a tower or a doughnut wall - we don't mind, and if you need a taste tester, we volunteer as tribute!

Smoke Bombs

Not your traditional leave the party early undetected smoke bomb! This version is smoke bombs in your wedding photography, coming into prominence last year they are on the rise in 2019! Think soft pastel colours, deep corals or neutral. We love how the sun captures it for Amy's wedding below!

Gown: Custom Wendy Makin \\ Photo Credit: The Evoke Company

Bespoke and Custom Suits

It's an old adage that a well tailored suit is to a woman what lingerie is to men. And finally the lads are coming to the party! Bepoke and Custom suits are taking over their off the rack counterparts as grooms look to up their game in the sartorial stakes on their big day!

Simplicity is the Key

Whoever said simple is boring?! Opting for the less is more strategy this year, there is so much drama to be had in minimalist approach - bold statements can be made with very few elements! This carries into gown styling - soft fabrics and clean lines that contrast with dramatic choices in accessories or hair and beauty. The way to perfect a simplistic and minimal wedding is selecting the right key pieces in styling to create a contemporary feel to your day which takes us to our next trend.

The Industrial Revolution

As weddings turn to a more contemporary look and shy away from vintage, it's time to put away the mason jars and burlap - the Industrial revolution has taken over the wedding scene and replaced the Rustic wedding. Think exposed brick, concrete and metal elements contrasted with greenery, candlelight, twinkling lights and neon installations. If the idea of this theme leaves you cold, let the styling will warm your heart!

L: Red Tent Photography // R: Roxanne Gown (Christine Limm Photo)

L: Emma Wand Photo // R: Valina, White Images

Golden Features

Gold is having a massive bridal comeback! Gold Leaf veils, crowns, and gold jewellery! It pairs beautifully with nude tones and champagnes in your wedding gown!

Embellishments and Appliques

On the complete opposite spectrum to our minimalism friends - detail, and plenty of it! Feminine styles with 3D embellishment and lace appliques create a little drama while still being traditional! Our fave fabrics in our 2019 collection are Flora and Saffron!

Colour of the Year: Coral

It wouldn't be a trend alert blog without mentioning colour! the Pantone 2019 colour of the year is Living Coral! Expect to see this in Bridesmaids, Floral and Table Decor!

L: Emma Wand Photo // R: Valina, White Images

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